Tzvetan Vassilev, Antoaneta Vassileva and Radosveta Vassileva

Hello! My name is Radosveta Vassileva. I am a legal scholar living in the UK since 2012. I defended my PhD in Law at University College London (UCL) in 2016. I always thought I would start a blog about my research in private and commercial law, but today I need to tell the story of how my family and I became enemies of Bulgaria’s mafia.

This is a story of massive corruption, abuse of human rights, and public officials acting with impunity. This is a story of innocent people harassed daily since 2014 by Bulgaria’s authorities to provide false statements against my father. This is a story of an EU member state which does not observe its obligations under the Treaty on European Union and the European Charter of Human Rights! This is a story of a State captured by the mafia where law seems to be dead!

PhD in Law, University College London (2016); LLM in Economic Law, Sciences Po Paris (2009); LLM in Global Business Law, Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2009); BA in International Relations, Tufts University, USA (2007)

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I am also campaigning for an application against corrupt Bulgarian officials under the US Magnitsky Act, which sanctions corrupt foreign officials implicated in human rights abuses. You can learn more and/or support the cause here: my petition in support of Tzvetan Vassilev’s application under the US Magnitsky Act here.