My First Vlog Post: “The Rise of Modern Dictatorships and EU’s Dual Standards”

When I launched two months ago, I ended my first blog post with the following words: “The whole world will learn about the crimes Bulgaria’s mafia has committed and the whole world will be watching its imminent demise! The lights are on!”. I am very happy to share that my blog has already more than 14 000 viewers. I really want to thank my readers for their interest in my point of view. I also want to thank everyone who signed my petition in support of my father’s application under the US Magnitsky Act. Many thanks to those who follow my family on Twitter too! If you have not done so, you can find us @Radosveta_vass, @AnVassileva, @TzvetVassilev.

As one famous quote, which is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, goes: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” No matter how hard some people try to suffocate the truth, it will come out.

It is not accidental that Bulgarian tabloids controlled by ruthless oligarchs are afraid of every single person voicing out the truth. They are so afraid that they wrote an article dedicated only to my petition! They have no respect for freedom of speech to such extent. This means that by being vocal about all horrible things happening in Bulgaria, we are on the right track.

Of course, you also have pseudo experts who write about my father’s application under the Magnitsky Act even though they do not have any background in international law and they are not acquainted with the facts.

Unlike them, I do not pretend to have a crystal ball. I only know that I will keep shedding light on all violations of human rights and all abuses in Bulgaria.

Hence, I would like to share that I will also post videos on my blog.

You can watch my first “vlog” post dedicated to my article on modern dictatorships and EU’s dual standards on human rights here:



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