The Struggle for the Rule of Law in Bulgaria: My Interview for the Global Liberty Alliance

In February this year, Mr. Jason Poblete, President of the Global Liberty Alliance, a non-governmental organization in the USA which defends human rights, invited me for an interview. He was interested to learn more about the rule of law decay and human rights abuses in Bulgaria, including how and why I started my journey in defending human rights.

We scheduled the interview for March, but as it turns out, the timing was perfect because on the day of the interview, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee issued an unprecedented joint statement emphasizing that “…persistent corruption, declining media freedom, politicization of the judiciary, and other threats to the rule of law pose[d] serious challenges to the U.S.-Bulgaria bilateral relationship.”

  • What went wrong in Bulgaria since Boyko Borissov came to power?
  • Why is the Prosecutor’s Office a political puppet not subjected to checks and balances?
  • Why hasn’t it been reformed since communist times?
  • Why have Bulgarians been protesting against General Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and Boyko Borissov’s third government for nearly 8 months?
  • What reforms does Bulgaria need?
  • Why is the EU Commission silent on human rights abuses in Bulgaria?
  • Why should US citizens be concerned about what is happening in Bulgaria?

If any of these topics is of interest, you can listen to the full interview here.