My Interview with My Publisher Intersentia: What Are the Unique Features of Bulgarian Law?

Recently, I gave an interview to my publisher Intersentia discussing the unique features of Bulgarian law, which I have showcased in my book Bulgarian Private Law at Crossroads. The interview was published two days ago – you can read it in full in the “Authors Speaking” column on Intersentia’s official website.

My book Bulgarian Private Law at Crossroads was published by Intersentia on 26 August 2022. It marked the beginning of Intersentia’s “Private Law around the World” series. You can learn more about its goals in a blog piece I wrote for the British Association of Comparative Law last summer.

The book lies at the intersection of comparative law, European private law, and legal history. It surveys the fascinating and turbulent development of Bulgarian private law in the past century and a half and shines a light on little known influences on Bulgarian law (many of you will be surprised by what I found). Because of the historical dimension, I have drawn parallels between communist law and current Bulgarian law to discover some totalitarian practices are being revived.

Earlier this fall, I was honored to learn that the library of Yale University had already acquired my book.