Vlog Post: #eu2018bg The Mass Bulgarian Exodus

Do you know that Bulgaria is the fastest shrinking nation in the world according to the United Nations? Are you aware that Bulgaria has the third highest mortality rate in the world according to the CIA Factbook? Have you heard that there are more Bulgarians working abroad than in Bulgaria? Have you realized that Bulgarians give up their Bulgarian citizenship?

In my article “#eu2018bg: Where Did Everyone Go? On Why Young People Do Not See Their Future in Bulgaria,” I raised concern that corruption, the lack of rule of law, and the failed economy drive young people away as they do not see any future at home. Ironically, the Bulgarian corrupt government which is currently presiding the Council of the EU set the future of young people as a priority for their “Presidency.” Clearly, they do not have expertise to lead the debate.

My vlog post pinpoints the main conclusions of my article: